Six Reasons To Use Professional Photography

This list comes courtesy of Mark Steele of Mark Steele Photography and his article, "Picture-Perfect Marketing," which begins:

In an industry dominated by clients known to make snap decisions, you must ask yourself if you're putting your best face forward to draw new and retain former clients. Beautiful photos are an ideal way to attract attention for your clients and your business.

He gives these six important reasons to professionally document your work:

  1. Public Relations and Marketing
    Strong visuals make for more effective advertising, promotions and publicity.
  2. Sales Presentations
    Showcase past work to future clients.
  3. Tradeshow Presentations
    Vendors and clients may want to showcase their work with your designs. Be ready.
  4. Awards and Competitions
    Be ready to enter at a moment's notice with images that wow.
  5. Social Media
    Easily share your work at its best.
  6. Legal Considerations
    There may come a time you need to prove the work was done as you said.

Read the entire article here » "Picture-Perfect Marketing"

Consider working with me to get your work professionally photographed. Start now and make it a point to keep your portfolio up-to-date. You never know when you'll need good visuals of your work!